Are R410 and R410A the same refrigerant?


According to the molecular structure of the refrigerant […]

According to the molecular structure of the refrigerant, the refrigerant can be divided into inorganic compounds and organic compounds.

According to the refrigerant composition, it can be divided R134 refrigerant tube into single refrigerant and mixed refrigerant.

According to the physical properties of the refrigerant, refrigerants can be divided into high temperature (low pressure), medium temperature (medium pressure), and low temperature (high pressure) refrigerants.

R410a is a HFCs refrigerant made by mixing two working fluids, R32 and R125, at a mass fraction of 50% and 50%. It is a near-azeotropic mixture (false azeotrope), and its thermal performance is close to a single working fluid. Compared with R22, the condensing pressure of R410a is increased by nearly 50%. It is a high-pressure refrigerant and needs to improve the pressure resistance of the system. As the thread and bell mouth shape of the R410a high-pressure connecting pipe, the shape of the refrigerant filling nozzle and the vacuum pump connecting pipe all need to be changed or replaced, the measuring instrument for maintenance and the quantitative refrigerant charging equipment are also dedicated. The power performance of R410a is the closest to HCFC-22 (R22), and is more commonly used in small and medium-sized room air conditioners.

Many properties of refrigerant will affect its performance. These properties also have an impact on which refrigeration system is used, especially which compressor. Most commercial refrigeration systems are absorption or vapor compression. The absorption chiller uses water as the refrigerant and lithium bromide as the absorbent. Other substances such as water and ammonia can also be used. Refrigerators using water as the refrigerant can only be used in commercial air-conditioning conditions due to the limitation of the chilled water temperature (must be higher than 0°C).

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