Can R22 refrigerant and R123 refrigerant be used interchangeably?


Can R22 refrigerant and R123 refrigerant be used interc […]

Can R22 refrigerant and R123 refrigerant be used interchangeably? What is the difference between them?

At present, R22 refrigerant is the most widely used refrigerant with the largest consumption. It is mainly used in some refrigeration equipment such as air-conditioning cold storage. R123 refrigerant is currently mainly used in production and initial installation in China. And what is the difference between refrigerant R22 and R123 refrigerant.

R22 refrigerant is a colorless, odorless gas at room temperature, Charging Pipe non-combustible, non-explosive, non-corrosive, and slightly more toxic than R12 refrigerant, but it is still a safe refrigerant. It can be liquefied to be colorless and transparent under pressure. Liquid. Mainly used in reciprocating compressors, used in household air conditioners, central air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, heat pump water heaters, dehumidifiers, refrigerated dryers, cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, and freezing condensation Refrigeration equipment such as units, supermarket display cabinets, etc., are currently the most widely used and widely used refrigerant varieties.

R123 refrigerant is the most effective and safe alternative refrigerant for large-scale central air-conditioning (centrifugal chiller) refrigerants. It is used for foaming, cleaning agents, chemical solvents, etc. of foam plastics. It also destroys the ozone layer and has a greenhouse effect. Although R22 refrigerant and R123 refrigerant belong to a kind of HCFC substances, they are often used in different industries because of their different properties.

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