Do you know these refrigerants for car air-conditioning?


Automobile air conditioning refrigerants are also calle […]

Automobile air conditioning refrigerants are also called automobile refrigerants. Automobile refrigerants are commonly called refrigerants and ice types. They are divided into environmentally friendly (134a) and non-environmental (R12 is rarely used in car models). It is the refrigerant used in the automobile refrigeration system that generally needs to be filled with refrigerant when the summer arrives. The following two problems should be paid attention to when supplementing the refrigerant in the automobile: one is the problem of non-interchangeable refrigerants, and the other is evacuated. problem.

There are currently two main types of refrigerants for automobile air-conditioning, one is R12 and the other is 134a (HFC-134a). R12 has a long history and is widely used, but chlorine molecules will destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere and cause the greenhouse effect, so A few years ago, representatives from all over the world gathered in Montreal to sign the protocol, stipulating that the production and use of freon products should be stopped in recent years, of which R12 bears the brunt. Car Refrigerant charging pipe 134a is a product that started to be used in the 1990s. Because the non-chlorine molecules have no damaging effect on the ozone layer, there are few changes to the car air conditioning system. Now many new car air conditioning systems at home and abroad use 134a refrigerant.

Filling volume of different models:

2 bottles for vehicles with a displacement of less than 1.6L (500g-750g);
1.6L-3.0L vehicles (750g-1000g) 3 bottles
Vehicles with a displacement of 3.0L or more (1000g-1250g) 4 bottles
The specific filling amount is subject to the mark on the vehicle compressor or the pressure gauge.
Filling method and method

Generally speaking, automobile air-conditioning systems are composed of many metal pipes, and there are small gaps between the pipes. Therefore, the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system is leaking in the strict sense. However, the leakage is generally very small. The cooling effect has little effect. However, when the amount of refrigerant in the air-conditioning system is reduced to a certain level, it will lead to insufficient cooling of the air-conditioning system.

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