How do I know how much Freon is in the air conditioner?


It is based on this principle: 1. The most direct metho […]

It is based on this principle:

1. The most direct method is to observe whether the outdoor unit has a heat sensation after the air conditioner compressor is running. There is heat sensation. Freon is enough, no need to make up, and no heat sensation needs further investigation.

2. If there is less Freon in the air conditioner, it is usually caused by R410 refrigerant tube the leakage of the refrigeration cycle pipeline, which directly causes the refrigerant pressure in the refrigeration pipeline to be low, and also directly causes the air conditioner compressor to operate, but it does not feel too cold. And the suction pressure and discharge pressure of the compressor should both drop. The pressure value in the refrigeration pipeline depends on the specific conditions of the selected compressor. There is a reference value. The refrigerant pressure hovering between 1.7MP and 1.9MP is a suitable pressure. Insufficient refrigerant, the evaporation in the evaporator drops significantly, so the compressor feels not too cold after running. At the same time, the normal operation of the compressor is indirectly affected, and the working current of the compressor is lower than the rated current.Best Fuel Pressure Tester Automobile fuel pressure detection kit

There are many ways to judge the lack of fluoride in air conditioners, but most of them require professional tools to measure it, but ordinary judgments can also be made by the following methods:

1. The air-conditioning effect becomes worse, and the temperature is obviously very low, but it does not feel cool, it may be lack of fluoride!

2. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner frequently starts and stops. If the indoor temperature does not reach the set temperature, the outdoor unit will still stop, which may be caused by the lack of fluorine.

3. The noise of the outdoor unit becomes louder, and the compressor that lacks fluorine will always be in high-frequency operation, so the noise will increase significantly!

4. There are obvious oil stains in the outdoor connecting pipelines. There will be oil stains in the leakage of Freon. You can test it with detergent and water!

5. The low-pressure pipe of the air conditioner (that is, the thin pipe we see) has frosting, and it is judged that it is caused by the lack of fluoride!

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