How to crack down on refrigerant products?


It is also the annual "March 15" International Consumer […]

It is also the annual "March 15" International Consumer Rights Day. There will be a batch of problematic products and companies that will be exposed by major media. Driven by commercial interests, every industry has some problematic products and problematic companies, and the same goes for the refrigeration industry. They either copy well-known brands, are short-lived, shoddy, or falsely promote them. In short, they disrupt the market and harm users. They are shameless by the industry and hated by users. On this special day, let’s talk to everyone about the "counterfeit and shoddy" things.

Under normal circumstances, some refrigerant companies usually make a fuss about sub-packaged products in order to seek more benefits. When purchasing related refrigeration products, consumers or distributors must keep hardware machinery parts their eyes open and purchase suitable products. "So how do we distinguish the authenticity of the refrigerant?

At present, there are mainly the following ways of fraud in the refrigerant industry:

1. Pretend to be a well-known brand at home and abroad.

2. The quality does not meet the national standard of excellent products.

Third, use inferior raw materials as good raw materials.

Four, lack of catties and two less.

5. Mix R22 and R410a raw materials with low-cost corrosive refrigerant monochloromethane and dimethyl ether.

6. Fill R22 raw materials into the packaging of R410a.

Seven, in the mixed refrigerant R410a, the ratio of the low-priced R32 medium is increased, and the high-priced R125 raw materials are reduced. The above links are relatively easy to fake.

We can mainly distinguish the true and false of the refrigerant through the following points: The first is the price. If the price of refrigerant is too much lower than the market, then beware of fake products. Followed by dose and pressure. The dosage of genuine refrigerants is guaranteed. The counterfeit and inferior refrigerants are mostly filled with other cheap refrigerants, and they cut corners and the dosage is insufficient. For example, the pressure of R12 refrigerant is usually about 1-2 kg lower than that of R134a. Finally, it is identified through the appearance of the refrigerant packaging. Genuine refrigerants generally have signs and certifications of brands, manufacturers, etc., while counterfeit and inferior refrigerants are mostly "confused" in English. Therefore, customers who purchase online must be cautious to avoid buying fake products.

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