How to judge whether the amount of refrigerant added is in place


How to judge whether the amount of refrigerant added is […]

How to judge whether the amount of refrigerant added is in place

1. Connect the Refrigerant charging pipe to the process port of the compressor, vacuum first, and determine the evacuation time according to the condition of disconnecting the process port during maintenance. If there is residual gas in the process port, the evacuation time is 5~10 minutes; if there is no residual gas from the process port, it should be evacuated for 20-30 minutes. After 5 minutes of vacuum, the compressor should be started and operated for 3 to 5 minutes to stop the compressor.

2. After the vacuum is completed, first close the maintenance valve and then stop the vacuum pump, quickly connect the filling pipe to the fluorine bottle, open the fluorine bottle valve, and place the fluorine bottle upside down or upright according to your own habits. Slightly loosen the half-turn repair valve's liquid filling pipe connection port, use fluorine pressure to overflow the air in this section of the liquid filling pipe (usually called "washing pipe"), and tighten the connection port after about 2 to 3 seconds.

3. First use the pressure difference after the vacuum to stop and refill. Open the maintenance filling valve for about 1/4 turn, close the filling valve after 5-6 seconds, wait another 2 minutes and then start the compressor. At this time, the low pressure gauge will drop rapidly. If the needle will point directly below 0, it means that the filling volume is not enough, you can slightly open the filling valve to replenish; if the pressure is below 1 kg, you can let the refrigerator continue to run the test machine. In the test machine, observe the frosting of the evaporator in the box, feel the heat dissipation of the condenser, and the temperature of the return air pipe. If there is frost in the return pipe, open the filling valve several times and let it go until no frost is formed. If it is found that the pressure gradually reaches negative pressure and the compressor has a dull sound, it means that the ice block has occurred, and it should be dealt with separately according to the solution of the ice block.

4. After about half an hour of test machine observation, the evaporator should be fully frosted, the heat dissipation of the condenser is normal, and the air return pipe will gradually cool down to a little condensation, and it can automatically stop after 1 hour. The regularity of starting and stopping is normal. The process and the amount of liquid added can be regarded as complete and appropriate.

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