Hanging bottle principle


The working principle of the hanging bottle: the infusi […]

The working principle of the hanging bottle: the infusion system formed by the principle of atmospheric pressure and hydrostatic pressure, the principle that the internal pressure is higher than the human venous pressure, and the liquid is directly input into the vein. The hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure (the weight of the liquid) generated when the fluid is at rest.

For intravenous infusion, the following methods are required for rapid venting:

Hold the lower section of the Murphy's dropper in the hand and lift it up, turn the Murphy's dropper upside down and open the infusion tube regulator. Close the regulator when the liquid flows into the Murphy's dropper to 1/3. Then, immediately lower the infusion tube in the hand, wait for a small amount of air under the Moffrey's dropper to automatically escape to the liquid level in the Moffrey's dropper, and then open the regulator to make the liquid flow down and not into a line.

Due to the high linear pressure, the gas from the upper part of the Murphy's dropper can be pressed into the lower tube to form more bubbles. When the liquid medicine flows out of the needle, the regulator can be pushed up to the lower part of the Murphy's dropper to close it. Exhaust purpose.

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