Inferior refrigerants will affect system performance and stability


Refrigerants have made a great contribution to changing […]

Refrigerants have made a great contribution to changing the living environment of human beings, but people’s understanding of refrigerants has remained at a preliminary stage, thinking that as long as they are refrigerating refrigerants. In fact, it is not the case that the original refrigerants from large manufacturers are strictly controlled by the sample inspection, the purity inspection equipment is sophisticated, and the quality is guaranteed. However, some small distributors, driven by huge profits, subpackage the refrigerant produced by the original factory and sell it. The refrigerant equipment for the subpackage is simple and cannot control the contact space between the refrigerant and the air, which easily leads to the air content in the refrigerant. Exceeding the standard, there is too much water, and the phenomenon of ice blocking occurs after charging the refrigeration equipment. If there is a problem with the refrigeration equipment and the compressor is damaged, then it is really not worth the loss.

Inferior refrigerants will affect the performance and stability of the system, and more seriously will cause damage to system components and compressors. The following methods can be used to distinguish whether it is a low-quality refrigerant:

1. Whether to purchase refrigerants produced by formal manufacturers through formal channels, such as refrigerants whose prices are significantly lower than the market prices, should cause a high degree of vigilance.

2. If you have the test conditions, it is recommended to check the purity and acidity of the refrigerant before using it. It is not recommended to use the refrigerant whose test results are significantly lower than the industry standard.

3. If you do not have the refrigerant detection conditions, it is recommended to perform a simple inspection before using the refrigerant. The simple inspection method can be:

[1]. Turn the refrigerant tank upside down and release a small amount of refrigerant onto a piece of white paper. If there are obvious impurities or liquid water on the white paper, it means that the refrigerant is of poor quality and is not recommended;

[2]. Connect the pressure gauge to test the pressure of the refrigerant bottle, and check whether the pressure in the bottle is within the normal range by comparing it with the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristic table. If the pressure is obviously abnormal, it is not recommended. And when the refrigerant is half used, the pressure in the bottle can be tested again. For a single-component refrigerant such as R22, the two measured bottle pressure values ​​should be very close, but for inferior refrigerants, multiple components are usually mixed. After the internal refrigerant is used, due to the change of the composition ratio, the bottle pressure usually has a big difference. If such a phenomenon is encountered, it is recommended to stop the refrigerant immediately and discharge the refrigerant that has been charged into the system to avoid it. Pollution system.

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