Is the air conditioner short of refrigerant in hot summer?


It is inevitable to turn on the air conditioner when dr […]

It is inevitable to turn on the air conditioner when driving in the hot summer, but many car owners will find that the air conditioner in the car is not used for a long time. In the summer, various conditions such as air-conditioning odor and poor cooling will occur. These problems are indeed very annoying, because problems will occur unconsciously, and the probability of problems with car air conditioners is also relatively high. 12V portable refrigerator What is the reason for the odor and cooling effect is getting worse and worse?

The easiest thing to think of is the air-conditioning filter element. It is true that the air-conditioning filter element will not be changed for a long time. This is the reason why many air conditioners have low air volume.

The role of the air-conditioning filter is self-evident, which is to filter out impurities in the air. When the air conditioner works for a long time, the dust and impurities in the air will cover the surface of the filter element. If it is not cleaned and replaced for a long time, the air intake will be reduced and the cooling effect will also deteriorate. Therefore, the subject of air conditioning filter replacement should be the subject of maintenance.

The car condenser is the heat exchanger outside the car, and it is this component that causes bad air-conditioning refrigeration in all likelihood. The condenser is located at the forefront of the engine. The inside of the condenser is usually spirally bent pipes. In order to better dissipate heat, there are usually many metal fins on the outside to allow it to conduct heat better, and then the airflow will lower the upper part. The heat is taken away, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. However, due to its frequent contact with air, some dust will inevitably adhere to it. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will become more and more dirty, and poor heat dissipation will result in poor cooling effect.

In addition, there is a fan behind the condenser. If there is a problem with the fan, the working efficiency of the condenser will also be reduced. If it is not serious, let the car wash master take a water gun to rinse the car, and generally you will get good results.

You may confuse the evaporator and condenser. Here is a brief introduction to the difference between them. We all know that all air-conditioning and refrigeration require refrigerant, which can complete the process of heat absorption and heat release. The refrigerant in the condenser changes from gas to liquid to dissipate heat. The refrigerant in the evaporator is liquid to gas to absorb heat. The condenser is installed at the forefront of the head of the car. The evaporator is in the cockpit where the air conditioning switch is located. Inside the body.

If you find that there is a peculiar smell in the car when the air conditioner is just turned on, and the peculiar smell disappears after a while, then the evaporator is usually too dirty. At this time, just go to the repair shop to remove the evaporator and clean it. If the problem is not resolved, the evaporator needs to be replaced.

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