What are the components of a gas charging pipe


This type of gas charging pipe allows the fuel to enter […]

This type of gas charging pipe allows the fuel to enter the system through a valve. The gas can be impure or pure. The purging and charging pipes can be connected to different outlets in the system. This type of gas charging pipe is generally made of stainless steel.
The compressed natural gas charging and supplying pipe passes through an opening in the valve covering. Both ends of the pipe are connected to a normally closed solenoid valve. The valve covers the compressor by means of a fitting called a gas charging pipe. A gas charging pipe is also connected to a compressed natural gas supply auxiliary unit located in the sealed box. After a vehicle is equipped with a gas supplying pipe, the gas can be discharged through a drain pipe.
The raw gas charging pipe is connected to an impure gas purging pipe. The two pipes are connected via conduits. These two pipes open to a mutually concave surface. The membranes that allow the pure gas to pass through are made of pure gas-permeable materials. The supporting members clamp the membranes to both sides of the supporting member. The supporting members are equipped with purging gas passage holes and withdrawal pipes. Finally, the outer periphery of the confronting supporting members is welded.
Typically, the raw gas charging pipe is attached to a metallic spacer. The purging pipe is connected to the raw gas charging pipe and the thermocouple insertion pipe. The metallic spacer is attached to the charging pipe using the coupling. When the piping is connected, the distributing wires will connect to the heaters and the automatic temperature regulator. As a result, there is a continuous flow of purge gas through the system.
The raw gas charging pipe connects the raw gas to the impure gas purging pipe. The raw gas is exhausted through a small passageway between the raw gas permeable membrane and the supporting member. The pure gas is exhausted from the impure gas purging pipe and the purge gas outlet pipe by a permeable membrane. Then, the gas is exhausted through the pure gas conduits and the takeout pipe.



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