What are the functions of the air hose quick connector


When purchasing an air hose quick coupler, it's importa […]

When purchasing an air hose quick coupler, it's important to know what to look for. While many of these types are interchangeable, it's important to find one that's compatible with your compressor. In addition, look for high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. The SGS coupler has a two-year warranty. If you're unsure, contact a retailer for assistance.
Color-coding is also important. Many air hose fittings are color-coded for quick identification. For example, red is used for industrial tools, while blue is used in automotive applications. Color-coding also helps to make it easier to find the right type. In addition, you should look for a standardized color-coding system, as well as a description of the specific style and type of fittings that will fit your equipment.
The air hose quick coupler features a unique retaining mechanism that secures the male connector. It also allows you to use one device with different dimensional characteristics. This way, one quick coupler will work with all-male members. The air hose quick coupler is constructed with molded plastic parts, which reduces the overall cost and corrosion risk. Plus, the plastic parts allow for color-coding, which further helps you identify the correct device for a given application.
Quick couplings allow you to connect to an air tool or compressor without having to use a shut-off valve. These couplings have an internal o-ring that will seal when disconnected, reducing the possibility of a horsewhip. Another important feature of quick couplings is that they can move, which means less kinking of the hose and is more convenient for busy workplaces. With this ability, these couplers are a great choice.
Some couplers feature a sleeve that automatically retracts when the plug is not inserted. Others will have a sleeve that you must pull back and insert the plug. Manual couplers require you to pull the sleeve back before inserting a plug. Both styles connect automatically if you pull back the sleeve. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the right air hose quick coupler based on your needs.


R134  Straight Column Quick Coupling Connector

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