What are the reasons why the car air conditioner is not cooling


Summer is the season when car air conditioners are used […]

Summer is the season when car air conditioners are used most frequently, and it is also the season with the most air-conditioning failures. Today, I will talk about the reasons why the car air-conditioners are not cooling, so that you can find faults for your car repair friends. To solve it fundamentally, let's take a look.

Car air conditioners generally add refrigerant once every 2 to 3 years. Some cars have a very big head. Does the refrigerant in the car fly? Why do you need to add it frequently? Does the air conditioner have a sealing device?Refrigerant charging pipe  Air-conditioning refrigeration is a physical reaction and does not require too much loss of refrigerant, how come it is gone. In fact, even if the air conditioner is very tightly sealed, it still cannot withstand the refrigerant flying away, and there are slight leaks in the air conditioner pipeline or condenser. The main reason for the loss of refrigerant is leakage. If your car has bad air conditioning and it starts to fail after a period of time after adding refrigerant, you should pay attention to it.

Generally, this happens, most of it is the rhythm of bloodletting. If the condenser leaks, the condenser needs to be replaced. The method of checking the leak is also more troublesome. Generally, you can find the leak by adding a fluorescent agent to the fluorine oil and checking it with special glasses. Where! There is a relatively simple method that is suitable when the leakage is serious. You can see through the network that there is oil and humidity on the surface of the condenser. In this case, the condenser is usually leaking.

The failure of air conditioner flap motor damage is relatively rare, and it is not unheard of. If there is a problem with the flap motor, it will be troublesome. The flap motor is generally located in the lower part of the instrument panel. It is the main switch of the air-conditioning vent. If it is broken, it means that the switch is broken. Even if the air conditioner can be cooled, the cold air can only pass through the cracks. Drilling out, it means drinking poison to quench thirst. When you find that all the wind does not come out after turning on the air conditioner, you should be careful. Replacing the flap motor requires dismantling the instrument panel, which is a huge project.

In summer, it is often found that the air conditioner is bad, and there is no problem to check the air conditioning system. The high and low pressure are basically normal. When going to the 4s shop to repair the car, the owner will often recommend the car owner to do a water tank cleaning activity. The purpose of cleaning the water tank and the condenser is mainly to dissipate heat. If poplar catkins and catkins stick to the condenser in the spring, it will cause the engine temperature to be too high or the air conditioner to be poor. Therefore, every time the spring is over, car owners must check whether the water tank is on. There was a lot of hairy. When cleaning, be sure to blow clean with a blow gun first, and then clean with a water gun. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive, not only bad fuel consumption of the air conditioner will increase.

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