What are the types of air pipe connectors


Air pipe connectors can be used for a number of differe […]

Air pipe connectors can be used for a number of different applications. These fittings connect two lengths of tubing together, and are typically sized according to thread size and fitting type. Common types include 1/4" BSP, 1/4" PCL, and 3/8" NPT. The first type is usually the most popular, as it allows for a simple connection between two lengths of tubing.
Another type of air pipe connector is a miniature fitting that can control the pressure and direction of air flow. These connectors feature tight seals and lower pressure requirements than hydraulic fittings. They are also designed to block flow from unused ports. This type of connector is often used to link various pneumatic components.
This type of connector also includes a male plug that is easily disconnected. You can unplug it by pulling back the collar. However, it can be difficult to reconnect the connector with trailing hoses. For fixed applications, the standard PCL coupling is best. The standard BSP coupling is not compatible with PCL connectors.

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