What is the bad effect of refrigerant purity on the system?


The refrigerant is the blood of the compressor. The pur […]

The refrigerant is the blood of the compressor. The purity of the refrigerant is particularly important for the cold storage refrigeration equipment. The most obvious phenomenon is: the cold storage filled with high-purity refrigerant, the cooling effect is obvious, the temperature drops quickly, and the cooling capacity Large; low-purity refrigerants not only fail to reach the desired temperature drop, but also damage the compressor.Refrigerant charging pipe So what are the negative effects of low refrigerant purity?

1. High water content and high acidity severely corrodes the internal pipeline system of the compressor, causing blockage in the compressor and shortening the service life of the compressor.

2. It is easy to leak, there is no fluorine in the refrigeration system, the compressor has been idling, the operating temperature is high, and the parts are worn out, which will also shorten the service life of the compressor.

3. Increase the operating load of the compressor, increase the power consumption, and increase the expenditure.

4. Some low-quality refrigerants are even mixed with a lot of flammable and explosive gases, which seriously affect the safety of people's lives and properties.

5. Poor cooling effect and frequent problems. Although the inferior quality refrigerant will temporarily feel cool, the temperature is always difficult to drop and the expected cooling effect cannot be achieved.

6. Freon in the refrigerant, once leaked, will destroy the ozone layer and cause great harm to the atmosphere on which humans depend.

Refrigerants have made a great contribution to changing the living environment of human beings, but people’s understanding of refrigerants has remained at a preliminary stage, thinking that as long as they are refrigerating refrigerants. In fact, it is not the case that the original refrigerants from large manufacturers are strictly controlled by the sample inspection, the purity inspection equipment is sophisticated, and the quality is guaranteed. However, some small distributors, driven by huge profits, subpackage the refrigerant produced by the original factory and sell it. The refrigerant equipment for the subpackage is simple and cannot control the contact space between the refrigerant and the air, which easily leads to the air content in the refrigerant. Exceeding the standard, there is too much water, and the phenomenon of ice blocking occurs after charging the refrigeration equipment. If there is a problem with the refrigeration equipment and the compressor is damaged, then it is really not worth the loss.

Inferior refrigerants will affect the performance and stability of the system, and more seriously will cause damage to system components and compressors.

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