What is the difference between the real and fake refrigerant R410A


(1) The common characteristics and phenomena of substan […]

(1) The common characteristics and phenomena of substandard products are as follows:
1. There is no obvious trademark on the refrigerant tank, or it is an inferior brand product or even a fake brand name product;
2. The price is relatively low, but there are also shoddy and high-priced ones;
3. The pressure value of refrigerant is lower than that of R410A refrigerant (maybe close to R22 and R407C)

(2) The direct impact of using unqualified refrigerants on air conditioners:
1. The heating and cooling effect of the air conditioner is poor
2. During the heating operation of the air conditioner, the pressure values ​​of low pressure and high pressure are lower than those of the system using qualified refrigerant

(3) In order to eliminate the above problems, it is now required that:
Before installing and maintaining R410A refrigerant, the installation and maintenance personnel of each outlet must check whether the purchased refrigerant is qualified before dumping it. Direct dumping is strictly prohibited without inspection.

Specific inspection and judgment methods:
1. Put the refrigerant tank in the environment for a period of time (touch it with your hand, feel that the surface temperature of the tank is equivalent to the ambient temperature), so that the refrigerant in the tank reaches a stable saturation state at the ambient temperature.
2. Use the R410A special pressure gauge to measure the refrigerant pressure in the tank, and use the thermometer to measure the ambient temperature on site

If the measured pressure value is more than 2kg/f lower than the corresponding saturated pressure value at the ambient temperature, it can be judged that the refrigerant is not qualified, and it is strictly prohibited to use!
For example, if the ambient temperature is 20 degrees and the measured pressure value is 7.1kg/f, which is much lower than the saturation pressure value of 13.5kg/f that the refrigerant should reach this temperature, it can be judged that the refrigerant is unqualified.

Comparative Analysis of Refrigerants R410A and R22
The operating pressure of the R410A air conditioning system is 1.6 times that of R22, the cooling capacity per unit volume is 40% higher than that of R22, the heat exchange efficiency is high, and the pressure loss is low. To accommodate R410A refrigerant, the system is specially designed, usually with a compressor with smaller displacement, higher load capacity, and quieter operation. Because R410A has higher heat absorption and heat release efficiency than R22, the compressor body working temperature of R410A is relatively low, and the exhaust temperature is also much lower than that of R22, thus reducing the risk of the compressor burning due to overheating.
Due to the high pressure and high gas density of the R410A, it is possible to use not only smaller-displacement compressors but also smaller diameter pipes and valves. The use of a high-pressure exhaust valve eliminates the hidden dangers caused by high-pressure condensation in the system. The thick compressor housing enables the system to withstand higher operating pressures. Another benefit of making the compressor thicker is that the R410A runs 2-4dB less noise than the R22 compressor.
Therefore, R410A requires a dedicated compressor and R22 refrigeration oil. Its affinity with R410A is better than traditional R22 mineral oil, R410A refrigerant cannot be used in this lubricant - R410A compressor. R410A compressor generally uses polyol ester POE (polyester), in the system with the same cooling capacity and condensing temperature, the system energy efficiency ratio of R410A is 6% higher than that of R22. This is because compressor losses are lower during compression, the evaporator and condenser heat transfer performance is better, and the pressure drop across the system is smaller. Efficient heat transfer and smaller pressure drop make it have lower condensing temperature and higher evaporating temperature under the same working conditions so that the compressor can obtain better performance with lower power consumption and higher efficiency ratio. operating range.



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