What is the significance of the implementation of energy efficiency labels for air conditioners in the refrigerant market


It is reported that the new national standard combines […]

It is reported that the new national standard combines the energy efficiency of the original fixed frequency and inverter air conditioners, and the energy efficiency level has also been expanded from the original 3 to 5. Industry experts said that after the standard upgrade, the energy efficiency index of inverter air conditioners has increased by about 14%. For fixed frequency air conditioners, such as the original first-class energy efficiency products, if they are evaluated according to the current new version of energy efficiency, they can only reach the new energy efficiency threshold. Level. In other words, after the implementation of the "New National Standard Level 1 Energy Efficiency", it means that all low-energy-efficiency, high-power-consumption fixed-frequency and level 3 energy-efficiency inverter products will face elimination. Changes in energy efficiency standards will cause changes in the demand for new production of air-conditioning refrigerants. At present, domestic air-conditioning refrigerants in my country are mainly R22/R410A/R32, with the least use of R22, and some enterprises use hydrocarbon R290 as the filling refrigerant.

At the same time, in the context of the overall sluggish air-conditioning market demand this year, air-conditioning manufacturers are also accelerating the clearance of products with high energy consumption and low energy efficiency and optimizing the market inventory Refrigerant charging pipe structure. Recently, Midea Air-Conditioning announced that the old energy-efficient products produced before July 1, 2020 will be sold at a 30% discount, and other air-conditioning manufacturers are bound to follow suit. The air-conditioners using R22 and R410A as refrigerants as a whole meet the new national standard 1 energy efficiency. R22 refrigerant-filled air conditioners will become the focus of business promotion and sales activities, and R410A air-conditioning companies are second.

The change in energy efficiency standards has become an important reason why R22 market demand is difficult to improve. The proportion of air-conditioning companies planning to produce R22 refrigerant-filled air-conditioners has been reduced to single digits; the proportion of R410A air-conditioners is lower than in previous years, and the proportion of production plans also has a certain range Reduction; and the proportion of R32 air conditioners is planned to increase to a certain extent. It is reported that the main air conditioner manufacturers produce about 70% of R32 air conditioners.


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