What is The Straight Column Quick Coupling


A Straight Column Quick Coupling is a device that conne […]

A Straight Column Quick Coupling is a device that connects two electrical conductors, which may be different from one another. It is designed for use in electric power transmission lines. Its main function is to protect grid equipment and operating personnel from damage caused by foreign objects, which may be present in transmission lines.
This device is made up of a plug fork, which is fixed at the end of an insulating bar. The plug fork also includes a wedge chamber and a card column, which connects to the insulating bar.
This device is equipped with a lead screw. It slides into the wedge chamber, where it engages the card slot 7. The insulating bar has a spirally connected lead screw to prevent it from turning in the lockout state. This is a fast and reliable device, suitable for fastening multiple connections.

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