What is the surface treatment process of precision metal parts


Precision metal parts have high requirements for streng […]

Precision metal parts have high requirements for strength and toughness in actual work, and their working performance and service life are closely related to their surface properties. The improvement of surface properties cannot simply rely on materials, and it is also very uneconomical, but the actual processing must make its performance meet the standard. At this time, surface treatment technology is required, which can often get twice the result with half the effort, and the technology has also developed rapidly in recent years. In the field of mold surface treatment, mold polishing technology is a very important link and an important process in the processing of workpieces. The surface treatment process of precision parts is very important in the processing process, so what is the surface treatment process of precision metal parts?
It is worth reminding that the mold surface polishing of precision metal parts is not only affected by the process and polishing equipment, but also by the mirror surface of the part material, which has not received enough attention in the current processing, which also shows that the polishing itself is affected by the material. influence. Although the processing technology to improve the surface performance of precision metal parts is constantly innovated and upgraded, the deposition of the hardened film, nitriding, and carburizing technology is the most widely used technology in the processing of precision metal parts.
Since the nitriding technology can obtain a high level of surface properties, the nitriding technology process is highly coordinated with the quenching process of the steel in the precision parts, and the nitriding temperature is very low, so the nitriding technology does not require a severe cooling process after treatment, so Deformation of precision metal parts will be small. Therefore, nitriding technology is also one of the earliest technologies used to process precision metal parts to enhance surface properties, and it is also an extremely widely used technology.

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