Why do cars need to be filled with refrigerant


Why do cars need to be filled with refrigerant Refriger […]

Why do cars need to be filled with refrigerant

Refrigerant is the working medium in the refrigerator, called refrigerant or refrigerating working medium. It circulates in the refrigeration system. The refrigerating penalties exchange energy with the outside through the change of its own thermal state in the refrigeration system. Take refrigeration of the day. If there is no refrigerant, the air conditioner has no air-conditioning. Most modern ones use R134a refrigerant

When should I add refrigerant?

1. Air conditioners that have been continuously used for more than 3 years and have not been added with refrigerant should be pressure tested on the machine's refrigerant, and adequate refrigerant should be properly supplemented;

2. When the cooling effect of the air conditioner is poor, and the cooling speed becomes slow, you should consider whether there is insufficient refrigerant;

3. When the air conditioner cannot be cooled at all, and the compressor is working normally, you should test whether the air conditioner refrigerant is leaking, and the solution should be leak detection, leak repair, vacuuming, and adding refrigerant;

4. When the refrigeration system is dirty and blocked, the pipe blockage will affect the cooling effect or the phenomenon of no cooling;

5. The air conditioner should be refilled in time if the air conditioner has been disassembled or replaced with copper pipes.

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