Why do refrigerants remove moisture and air from the refrigeration system


Refrigerant is the working medium in the refrigerator. […]

Refrigerant is the working medium in the refrigerator. It is called refrigerant or refrigerant. It circulates in the refrigeration system. In the circulation flow, the refrigeration exchanges energy with the outside world through the change of its own thermal state, so as to achieve control. Refrigerant charging pipe Take the daily cooling. If there is no refrigerant, the air conditioner will have no cooling, most modern use R134a refrigerant

Refrigerant bottle opener

1. Machines with an air conditioner that has been in continuous use for more than 3 years and have not been added with refrigerants should be tested for the refrigerant pressure of the machine and adequately supplemented with adequate refrigerants;

2. When the cooling effect of the air conditioner is poor, and the cooling speed becomes slow, you should consider whether there is insufficient snow;

3. When the air conditioner can not be cooled at all, and the compressor is working normally, it should be tested whether the air conditioner has leaked, and the solution method is leak detection, leak compensation, vacuuming, and adding snow;

4. When the refrigeration system is dirty, it causes the phenomenon that the pipeline is blocked and affects the poor cooling effect or no cooling;

5. After the air conditioner has been disassembled or disassembled or replaced with copper tubes, etc., the snow species should be added in time.


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