Current Status of Modern Development of Regulating Valves


In the 1930s, there were many types of products, and th […]

In the 1930s, there were many types of products, and the spherical valve with a spherical valve body became a representative product. After the 1940s, angle valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves and ball valves all appeared one after another, occupying a leading position in the market successively. The products are relatively complete. The sleeve valve that appeared after the 1960s quickly gained attention and became the mainstream product of the spherical valve. The new product that appeared in the 1970s was the cam deflection valve. It has a large capacity, simple flow path, and small unbalanced force. These advantages make it a leader in quarter-turn valves.
During this period, various valves have become more perfect and formed series. At the same time, the side-mounted power-increasing control valve (also called F-type valve) was successfully developed. Because of its structure, small installation height, and ability to increase force, it is welcomed by many factories and users. Since the 1980s, people have successively manufactured various light (or so-called fine and small) regulating valves. Its main feature is that in the pneumatic actuator, multiple springs are used to replace the original large spring. In this way, the pneumatic actuator The mechanism can appear in a new look. It makes the regulating valve miniaturized and high-capacity. This kind of actuator may replace the old and bulky actuator. In the 1990s, due to the emergence of intelligent valves, a new page was opened for the development of regulating valves.
The pneumatic control valve production industry in my country started late. The direct single-seat control valves, double-seat control valves, three-way control valves, high-pressure control valves, butterfly valves, long-stroke actuators and valve positioners designed and produced by relevant factories and departments themselves The traditional main products are still in use today.
my country’s pneumatic control valve has made a leap since the 1980s. Many factories have successively introduced foreign technology. On the basis of improving the performance of the original products, further standardization and serialization, they have successively developed side-mounted pneumatic control valves and light control valves. Wait for new products.
Nowadays, the valve market is highly competitive. Only by constantly innovating and improving products can regulator valve manufacturers occupy a certain dominant position in the future market.

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