Which refrigerant is better for cold storage?


When using a cold storage, you will inevitably face the […]

When using a cold storage, you will inevitably face the choice of refrigerants. According to the different cold storages, refrigerants can be divided into two categories: ammonia refrigeration systems and freon refrigeration systems. This is what we usually refer to as "ammonia storage" and " Fluorine library". If you want the best use of the cold storage, you must choose the refrigerant reasonably. Only in this way can the performance of the cold storage be more stable and help save users' energy consumption.

1. Direct expansion and liquid supply

The refrigerant directly passes through the refrigerator and the expansion valve of the accumulator, and then flows through the evaporator and the cooling pipe, to the evaporator and the cooling pipe, so as to achieve the role of providing refrigerant to the cold storage. Although this method of use is relatively simple, it is difficult to control the amount of liquid supplied by the refrigerant, and it is easy to affect the cooling effect of the entire cold storage. It is a relatively common refrigeration method for Freon refrigeration systems.

2. Gravity liquid supply

Gravity liquid supply is also a commonly used refrigeration mode in cold storage. A gas-liquid separator is added between the evaporator and the expansion valve. After the refrigerant reaches a certain liquid volume, the static pressure of the liquid column is directly supplied. Supply the refrigerating liquid to the cooling equipment of the cold storage. For this refrigeration mode, the most commonly used refrigerant is ammonia refrigeration, which can pass through the ammonia liquid separator to provide enough refrigerant to the refrigeration equipment of the cold storage to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system.

3. Pump circulating liquid supply

Pump cycle liquid supply is also called ammonia pump liquid supply. It can be divided into two methods: top in, bottom out and bottom in and top out. Both of these methods can effectively ensure the supply of refrigerant in the refrigeration system of the cold storage. , The refrigerant is sent to each refrigeration equipment to achieve the best refrigeration effect. The adjustment of the liquid supply of the ammonia pump, but it is better to have multiple pipelines, which can adjust the liquid passing through, so that it can supply liquid to the refrigerating room, freezing room and other places to ensure the cooling effect.

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