Does car air conditioner have R11 refrigerant


  1. Too much refrigerant causes insufficient refr […]


1. Too much refrigerant causes insufficient refrigeration.
Maintenance method: Observe bai from the sight glass above the drying tank. If the car air conditioner does not see any bubbles in the sight glass during operation, and there are no bubbles even after the compressor stops, R134 refrigerant tube it must be too much refrigerant. If the amount of pressurized cooling oil is too much, turbid bubbles can be seen in the sight glass when the air conditioning system is operating normally.
2. Too little refrigerant causes insufficient refrigerant. The reason for the lack of refrigerant is mostly due to a small amount of refrigerant leakage in the system. Inspection method: Insufficient refrigerant can also be observed in the sight glass above the drying tank. When the air conditioner is operating normally, if there are continuous and slow bubbles in the sight glass, the refrigerant is insufficient.
3. The refrigerant and refrigerating machine oil contain too much impurities and micro-blocking, which causes insufficient refrigeration capacity. If there is too much dirt in the refrigerant and refrigerating machine oil in the entire air-conditioning system, it will inevitably cause the filter of the filter to be clogged, leading to the passage of refrigeration. With reduced capacity and increased resistance, the refrigerant flowing to the expansion valve will also be relatively reduced, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity.
4. Water infiltration in the air conditioning refrigeration system causes insufficient refrigeration. One of the components in the refrigeration system is the drying tank (bottle). One of its main tasks is to absorb the moisture in the refrigerant to prevent excessive moisture in the refrigerant from causing a decrease in the cooling capacity. For any faults with too much water in the refrigerant, the desiccant should be replaced or the drying tank should be replaced. At the same time, the system should be evacuated again and a new appropriate amount of refrigerant should be refilled.
5. The presence of air in the system is also one of the reasons for insufficient cooling
Once air enters the air conditioning system, the pressure of the refrigeration pipe will be too high, and poor refrigerant circulation will also cause insufficient refrigeration. This type of failure is mainly caused by the deterioration of the airtightness of the refrigeration system or the incomplete vacuum during maintenance.

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