R410 refrigerant tubes Manufacturers

R12, R134, R410 refrigerant and liquid tricolor tube

R12, R134, R410 refrigerant and liquid tricolor tube

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100% brand new and high quality Refrigeration Charging Hoses!

Construction: Inner tube: High nitrile-butadience rubber (NBR)

Reinforcement: Polyester fiber spiral line.

Cover: NBR&PVC blends.

Temperature: -30℃ - +100℃

Color: Red, Yellow, Blue

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Product Details

Refrigerant liquid feeding tube R12, R22 pressure 500-2500psi, R134 pressure 600-3000psi, R410 pressure 800-4000psi refrigerant liquid feeding tricolor tube, standard length 36 ", 60", 72 ", (" This symbol is inch), can Customized according to customer requirements

Easy retrofit of existing PLUS hoses with ball valve capabilities.

Valve handle position shows when valve is opened or closed

Flexible length of hose between valve and fitting makes access to tight areas easier

for the 45° end: easy installation in tight areas

Gaskets resist deterioration from existing , HCFC and HFC refrigerants and oils

Available with SealRight fittings on both ends

Low loss anti-blow back SealRight fitting immediately traps refrigerant in the hose when disconnected, helping meet non-venting regulations and prevent finger burns.

1.Refrigerant charging hose with ball valve for manifold gauge r410 r22 r134a
2.Charging working pressure 500PSI-800PSI
4.Model length:36",60",72".

Usage for refrigerant charging hose:
Conveying refrigerant such as R12, R22, R502 and R134a; applied widely to auto refrigeration, air-conditioning, industrial refrigerators etc; both the inner rubber layer and protective layer are of high level oil resistance of grade RMA-A antiseepage.

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