Introduce the functional characteristics of the connector


Machines support the connectors in every field of moder […]

Machines support the connectors in every field of modern society. Next, the functional characteristics of connectors and the technologies and production processes that underpin them are described.



The advantages and necessity of connectors



So why do you need a connector? For example, when connecting the internal PCB board of the equipment, although the circuit can be directly connected, it will take a long time to work. In addition, work such as dismantling at the time of repair takes time. But using a connector to connect, it can be "connected" and "disconnected" quickly and easily. Therefore, mass production, division of labor, repair and maintenance can be easily achieved. The interface between the peripheral machinery and the network is naturally the same. With the evolution of all kinds of devices, the convenience of "connecting" and "separating" connectors is indispensable.



Connector construction accessories



So, what is the structure of the connector? The connector consists of a plug and a socket to form a pair and function. Plugs and sockets consist of energized terminals, an insulator made of plastic to maintain the insulating function between the terminals, and a casing to protect them. The key terminals in the connector components are made of copper alloy materials with high conductivity. One side is a non-elastic plug terminal, and the other side is a socket terminal processed with an elastic structure, which can make the plug and the socket tightly combined. Touch the jack to the plug and rely on the elastic structure of the connector to make it tightly coupled to complete the connection or transmit power and signals.



      Fields of use of connectors



Connectors are not only used in smart phones, computers and other items closely related to our lives, but also in all electronic-related terminal equipment. There are many types of connectors because they need to deal with a variety of different design styles and uses. What kind of connection effect will the use of the connector produce? Let's take a computer as an example. First, there are the memory slots. It is mounted on the PCB board in the computer case and is used to connect with the memory card slot. Secondly, it is a connector used for the internal PCB board of the computer. The circuit consists of multiple PCBs according to different functions. Connectors are required to connect these PCBs. In addition, the LCD screen and the keyboard also need to be connected to the PCB using connectors. There are also IO connectors at the back. This is a connector used to connect the host computer and printers, mobile devices, televisions, etc. with external devices. In addition, there are card socket connectors for connecting various cards, such as SD card sockets.

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