What are the auto repair tools


As a car owner, maintenance is inevitable, so car owner […]

As a car owner, maintenance is inevitable, so car owners will inevitably deal with car maintenance equipment. You may not use all kinds of equipment in car maintenance every day, but do you know what are the tools for car repair are?
1. Spark plug sleeve: It is a special tool for manual disassembly and assembly of spark plugs. When using, according to the assembly position of the spark plug and the size of the hexagon of the spark plug, the spark plug sleeves with different heights and radial dimensions are selected.
2. Oil filter removal tool: there are special and general types, which are specially used for removing the oil filter
3. Shock absorber spring compressor: used when changing the shock absorber, the spring is stuck at both ends, and then retracted inward
4. Oxygen sensor removal tool: a special tool like a spark plug sleeve with a long groove on the side.
5. Engine engine crane: When the car engine needs to lift larger heavy objects, this kind of machine will become your competent, safe and reliable assistant
6. Lift: Also known as a lift, a car lift is auto maintenance equipment used for lifting in the auto repair industry. It is inseparable from the overhaul of the whole vehicle or the minor repair and maintenance. Lifts are classified according to function and shape: single-column, double-column, four-column, scissor type.
7. Ball head extractor: a special tool for removing the car ball head
8. Puller: pulleys, gears, bearings, and other circular workpieces in removable cars.
9. Disc brake wheel cylinder adjuster: It is used for the top pressure operation of the brake piston of various models, pressing back the brake piston, adjusting the brake pump, and replacing the brake pads. The operation is convenient and simple. Repair special tools.
10. Valve spring loading and unloading pliers: Valve spring unloading pliers are used for loading and unloading valve springs. To use, retract the jaws to their minimum position, insert under the valve spring seat, and turn the handle. Press the left palm forward firmly so that the jaws are close to the spring seat. After installing and removing the valve lock (pin) piece, rotate the valve spring installation and removal handle in the opposite direction and take out the installation and removal clamp.
11. Piston ring loading and unloading pliers: Piston ring loading and unloading pliers are used for loading and unloading engine piston rings to prevent the piston rings from being dismantled due to uneven force. When in use, clamp the piston ring mounting and dismounting pliers to the piston ring-opening, hold the handle lightly, and slowly shrink, the piston ring will slowly open, and the piston ring will be inserted into or removed from the piston ring groove.
12. Carjack: used to jack up the body. Automotive jacks include pneumatic jacks, electric jacks, hydraulic jacks, and mechanical jacks. Generally, hydraulic and mechanical jacks are commonly used.
13. Gearbox top: It is mainly used for high-level installation and disassembly of objects weighing less than 500kg, such as automobile gearboxes, engines, transmissions, front and rear axles, and is an indispensable lifting and transportation tool for automobile repair and maintenance factories.
14. Car tester: also known as car diagnostic computer, it is a kind of car maintenance equipment that uses modern testing technology, electronic technology, and computer application technology to perform non-disintegration testing and diagnosis on cars.
15. Air compressor: It is a device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually an electric motor or a diesel engine) into gas pressure energy, and is a pressure generating device for compressed air. Commonly used in air guns, tire pressure supplement


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