What is the standard for the refrigerant pressure of automobile air conditioning?


As the weather gets hotter and hotter, people's hearts […]

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, people's hearts become more manic, especially the driver in a confined and small space, just like in a steamer, but thanks to the car air conditioner. At present, automobile air conditioners are charged with new environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant, which was used in the 1990s. As the non-chlorine molecules have no damaging effect on the ozone layer and have few changes to Charging Pipe  the automobile air conditioning system, it is recommended for use by relevant United Nations organizations. It is used in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Other places are called "environmentally friendly refrigerants", and now the air-conditioning systems of new cars at home and abroad use environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant.

Auto air conditioning refrigerant pressure standard-how to judge whether to add refrigerant
Under normal circumstances, the car does not need to add refrigerant for 3-5 years, but sometimes the cooling effect of the refrigerant is not good, and it needs to be added.
Method 1: After the air conditioner is normally turned on for a period of time, the wind blowing on the body feels very cold and can quickly reach the set temperature. The outdoor compressor can be like a refrigerator. Work for a while and stop for a while, which shows that it is normal, otherwise it may require refrigerant.
Method 2: Use a thermometer to measure the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the indoor unit. If the difference is above 8°C, the larger the normal temperature difference, it means that the air conditioner works better and can reach about 15°C, and the difference is lower than 8°C. You may need to add refrigerant.
Method 3: Turn on the panel of the indoor unit ten minutes after starting up, you should see that the copper tube of the evaporator is covered with aluminum fins for heat exchange, and it is evenly covered with condensed water. This is when the humidity of the normal air is high. If there is no half and half, there may be a lack of refrigerant. Such as partial frost or ice formation is also abnormal.
Method 4: Users who have used for more than half a year can check whether there are obvious signs of oil leakage at the pipe joints of the indoor unit and the valve of the outdoor unit. If there is obvious oil leakage, it indicates that the machine is leaking, because the oil and fluorine are mutually miscible and the oil is leaking. Fluorine will leak, and fluoride will leak oil.

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