Oxygen cylinder crossing the bridge Manufacturers

Oxygen cylinder crossing the bridge

Oxygen cylinder crossing the bridge

Cixi Liwen Metal Technology Co, Ltd.

Material: stainless steel
Can capacity: about 1000 ml
Package size: 350×160×90 mm
Hose length: 80 cm
High-strength stainless steel material, hard and sturdy
Surface plating treatment, anti-rust, beautiful and wear-resistant
With safety venting valve to ensure safety during use
Compact and lightweight, portable and easy to store
It can be applied to fuel pipeline, evaporation tank, cooling net, etc. 
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Product Details

  • The air conditioner system flush kit is made of heavy duty aluminum, which is durable for lifelong use. In addition, the canister is reusable, it can be used for a long time.

  • It is great for quickly and effectively removing refrigerant oil and debris during retrofitting or compressor replacement.

  • Designed to work with any light weight A/C flushing agent which can be mixed with pressurized air.

  • Flush gun is easy to operate and will hold up through many flush procedures.


The entire set of products are matched according to customer requirements, and small accessories are produced according to customer drawings

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