R12.R134.R410 Refrigerant filling meter group aluminum valve body Manufacturers

R12.R134.R410 Refrigerant filling meter group aluminum valve body

R12.R134.R410 Refrigerant filling meter group aluminum valve body

Cixi Liwen Metal Technology Co, Ltd.

Applicable refrigerant: R12, R134, R410
Pressure range: 3000PSI three tube 4000psi on e tube
Tube: 3 colors tubes
Tube length: 150CM
Work pressure: 0-800psi;30-500psi
Adaptor: a pair of fast connector
Valve body: Aluminum valve
gauge diameter: 68mm
Package: plastic blow case

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Product Details

1. High strength anti-corrosion rubber cover design.
2. Large screen, multi-angle, big-font LCD backlight design to make it can be used conveniently and observe clearly in both strong and weak light.
3. Pressure measurement gauge is precise and accurate.
4. Micro power electronic component to provide long use life battery.
5. Double channel RT measurement make it can work out in ultra-hot and ultra-cool condition.
6. Multi-mode option also can use to measure vacuum, detect pip leak detection and maintain routing.
7. Special AC diagnostic gauge set for R12, R134, R410 refrigerants.
8. Easily recognition hose, high (red) & low (blue) pressure.
9. Easy to read instrument panel. Solid brass connections.
10. Connect fittings with high pressure safety valve.
11. Aluminum manifold body, build-in viewing glasses


A manifold Gauge Set Include below parts:
(1) Aluminum body valve manifold gauge (1 set );
(2) Three color tube,1.5m length(3 units);
(3) Car/auto air conditioner fast switch connectors(1 pair);
(4) 3/8”SAE or 1/4” SAE connection, it is customized by customer(1 pair).
Other accessories can be customized as requested by customer.

Application: Widely used for automotive or household air conditioning unit,Refrigerator, air conditioner and industrial refrigeration equipment.

The entire set of products are matched according to customer requirements, and small accessories are produced according to customer drawings

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