Auto maintenance tools for Cylinder leak test set Manufacturers

Auto maintenance tools for Cylinder leak test set

Auto maintenance tools for Cylinder leak test set

Cixi Liwen Metal Technology Co, Ltd.

Product Name: engine cylinder leak down tester
Application: cylinder leak down test kit
Color: Red/ Blue/ Black
Type: cylinder leak down tester
OEM/ODM: Acceptable
Material: Brass
Type: Pressure Gauge

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Product Details

Kit allows easy identification of compression problems.
Detector can exactly measure leakage amount and locates leakage area.
Crank stopper locks engine harmonic balance pulleys and replacing spark plugs.
The cylinder leak-down tester gives you valuable information about the engine's compression. Pressurized air is supplied to each cylinder, and the rate of leakage is measured in percent loss from 0% to 100%. Cylinder leakage gauge makes it easy to conduct leak-down tests that are more accurate than standard compression tests.
Tester kit includes pressure gauge, cylinder leakage gauge, 12mm and 14mm spark plug adapters, quick connect/disconnect hose and air regulator.

Approx 480mm flexi hose.
12mm and 14mm spark plug adaptors.
Fixed short connector M14 x 26mm, fixed long connector M12 x 26mm.

1. 0 to 100 PSI working pressure
2. Easy-to-read gauges for proper testing
3. Easy-to-adjust air regulator
4. For all domestic and imported engines


The entire set of products are matched according to customer requirements, and small accessories are produced according to customer drawings

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