Cutter127 for Hardware Machinery Parts Manufacturers

Cutter127 for Hardware Machinery Parts

Cutter127 for Hardware Machinery Parts

Cixi Liwen Metal Technology Co, Ltd.

Model Number: CT-127
Material: Zinc alloy body
Application: Refrigeration
Color: Silver
Application: 1/8inch to 5/8inch (3 to 16mm)
Package: Standard Export Packing or Customized Packing as your requirement.
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Product Details


1. For cutting copper tube,titanium tube,stainless steel tube and aluminum tube
2.The moving cutting can be kept in the same circle
3.The smooth iron roller with groove can stabilize bad-shape flares and make cutting much more easier
4.The blade, which is made of 65Mn unique steel, makes the tube fitting cutting much more sharp and accurate
5.The free spare blade is available for heavy-duty cutter.



The entire set of products are matched according to customer requirements, and small accessories are produced according to customer drawings

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